Hood Cleaning Five Star Review



We had a problem with the fan in our kitchen hood system and had a technician come out. He highly recommended we get the hood cleaned as there was considerable grease build-up in the turbine on the roof. We were shocked as we had just had s hood cleaning company come out about a month ago. He gave us the name of JAX Hood Cleaning and they were able to come out within two days. They did a great job and we will use them in the future.

Ray Bryan
Restaurant Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review



I own a pizza restaurant and needed my hood cleaned. We have tried a few companies in the area and have not been happy with their work. I found JAX Hood Cleaning on the internet and they scheduled us for a cleaning. They did an amazing job.
Rick Garrett

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review



Thank you JAX Hood Cleaning for doing a great job the every time you come out to clean our hoods. We have been using them for years.
Terri Lightfoot
Restaurant Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review



We love using JAX Hood Cleaning. Their technicians are thorough and they clean up after themselves! They will even take before and after pictures and recommend any fixes that need to be done.
Jill Wright
Kitchen Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review



A restaurant in our neighborhood had a grease fire last week and the kitchen was a total loss. We sure are glad we have JAX Hood Cleaning come in every three months.

Bobby Esser
Restaurant Manager

A Brief Introduction to Jacksonville’s Best Restaurant Hood Cleaning and Maintenance Company…

To the Jacksonville restaurant owner,

Hi, I’m Michael, the owner of Jax Hood Cleaning, but I’m a father, husband, and entrepreneur first.

I’ve been involved in restaurant hood cleaning over the past 15 years and have completed thousands of exhaust hood cleanings, modifications, and hood rebuilds for restaurants.

You might be a restaurant owner, a kitchen manager or general manager, but what is important is that you need to hire a company with a proven track record.

We’ve been featured on the local news and given industry awards, as well as received a perfect BBB rating!

Additionally, we have testimonials from our happy customers to prove we’re as good as we say we are.

This is probably not as important to you, so let’s change the subject to you.

You manage a commercial kitchen and I bet that you have an exhaust hood, but something isn’t right with it…Correct?

The inspector probably came by and didn’t pass you, or maybe it’s been neglected for too long. It’s probably in good shape, but you’re sick of the last guy you hired to do your hood cleaning and hood filter maintenance.

It could be a number of things, but now you’re probably in need of a restaurant hood cleaning company that isn’t going to:

  • Price gouge you.
  • Do a no-call, no-show.
  • Get you to regret hiring them.
  • Leave your kitchen in no better shape than before.
  • Be tough to get a hold of.

You’re just in need of a super clean restaurant hood and and hood exhaust system!

It needs to be fully functional though, and also flawless when it comes to being inspected again.

Do you follow me so far?

If the answer is yes…then you’re going to want the hood cleaning experts in the Jacksonville, Florida metro area. We’re awesome to work with and have restaurant hood cleaning down to a science.

Get your phone out and get ready to dial!

Our number is (904) 289-5457. Our specialist, Connie will answer, (you’ll like her).

This is what you’ll get for FREE:

  • A super, detailed walk-through in our meeting with an accurate quote
  • Only the best restaurant hood cleaning warranty in all of Jacksonville
  • A maintenance plan that you’ll love

We’re ecstatic to be working with you and to prove to you that we’re the #1 hood cleaning business in Jacksonville, FL. Visit our About page now for more information!

Take a look at our Professional Hood Cleaning Work

Since I’ve been working in this field for over a decade, I’ve learned a lot about restaurant cleaning. First, I was an employee and then soon became a restaurant hood cleaning business owner. I’m proud to be providing service to the residents of Jacksonville, FL, including all of Duval County.

Some Common Questions About Jax Hood Cleaning:

What all do you do?

We definitely do more than just hood cleaning. We do pressure washing, as in floors, loading docks, and sidewalks. Our team members are instructed to find something we can repair while we’re paying you a visit.

Our most frequent requests are complete cleaning kitchen exhaust systems from the floor to the roof!

What cities do you work in?

Anywhere in Duval County, specifically Jacksonville area. We operate in the sub-cities and stretch from Lakeside all the way up north at the airport. Also, from Downtown Jax all the way east to Jacksonville Beach. We cover it all!

What sorts of restaurant do you work with?

Fast food places are requested the most because of their deep fryers but we’re experts in all types of restaurants. There isn’t a restaurant we haven’t worked with.

How much will this cost?

Well, we charge hourly but we get done quickly. We want to keep your costs down, but the quality of work way up. We’re not cheap, but we’re not the most expensive either. We conduct a FREE walk-through to determine the costs and give you an accurate quote that won’t make your jaw drop.

You can give us a call to set up a consultation.

Is there a warranty or guarantee of any sort?

Oh yes! We guarantee that you’ll love the way we cleaned your restaurant. We also guarantee that your inspector will be impressed with your newly cleaned kitchen. If there is anything we recommend you fix or replace in your kitchen or exhaust system, we make sure to make a note of it and tell you later.

So, what’s next?

You can call us at (904) 289-5457 or email us through the form on this page.

We look forward to hearing from you and consulting on how we can make your restaurant improve.

Contact us anytime it is convenient for you, we operate 24/7. We get called at all times to clean restaurants throughout Jacksonville. It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant cleaning job it is. Whether it is a commercial kitchen, kitchen exhaust hood, or anything similar that needs cleaning, we’ll do it!

Have a great day!

(the most passionate hood cleaner in Jacksonville!)


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