Things to do in Atlantic Beach, Florida

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Atlantic Beach, Florida sits on the east side of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. It got its start in 1900 when a man named Henry Flagler erected a railroad station. He built a hotel for summer guests with two hundred and fifty rooms. It fell into disrepair during World War 1 and burned down on September 20, 1919. After the war, the land started selling and Atlantic Beach was incorporated in 1926.

Today, Atlantic Beach has a population of approximately fourteen thousand. Its land mass is only three and one-half square miles with nine and a half square miles of water. Its elevation is only ten feet above sea level.

One of the favorite places for my friend at Jax Hood Cleaning to go and unwind is Atlantic Beach Brewing Company. They are a family owned brewery that was established in 2016.

Chuck Horn, who has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for twenty-five years, and his twin brother, Spencer, are the brains behind the business. Chuck was a general contractor who loved brewing his own beer at home. He often talked with his twin brother who lived in Seattle about home brewing and about how much they loved and missed the beach.

Spencer and his wife, who both graduated from the Florida State University, decided to relocate and move back to Jacksonville from Seattle.

The gamble paid off for Atlantic Beach Brewing Company and they now have one of the most popular breweries in the beach cities.