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Restaurant Kitchen Hood Filters Service Jacksonville, Florida

One of the most important pieces of equipment for commercial kitchens and restaurants are hood filters for their exhaust hoods. Hood filters are mainly used to remove grease from high-temperature vapors from cooking and frying. They must be maintained regularly to prevent any buildup that can result in grease fires.

Cleaning the Hood Filters

When hood filters are cleaned by our crew, we like to wash them daily to have them free of any grease and also to not let their filtering fabric to get damaged. Cleaning will help them last longer and help your restaurant stay safe. If your restaurant has a high-pressure dishwasher, then it’ll be a good idea to wash any grease baffle filters or hood filters. However, if they’re made of aluminum, it’ll be safe to hand-wash them because of their brittleness. Since aluminum isn’t a strong metal, high-temperature dishwashers can damage them, as well as some chemicals. We want these hood filters to last long, so practicing these steps in your kitchen is necessary.

Replacing the Hood Filters

Another important step for your restaurant is to examine the hood filters for any signs of corrosion or bends in the metal. Replacing them is recommended if you see metal oxidization or dents. Lucky for you, we have many hood filters in stock and they are compatible with most exhaust hood systems so you won’t have to wait a long time for shipping. You’ll get first preference and also a lower cost than the retail value. Best of all, we’ll also come in to measure for appropriate size and install on your hood system. Our hood filters are made up of stainless steel so they last longer and don’t corrode as easily. They also work with high-pressured dishwashers and any restaurant cleaning chemicals.

Jax Hood Cleaning has a hood filter for basically every main brand and manufacturer. If you know that you need a replacement and don’t want to waste time, then we’ll gladly help you with that. If you’re unsure of what type, we can inspect your system to make sure you get the right filter installed. Our team of professional techs are trained to handle every type of system in Jacksonville and we’ll be happy to train your staff to inspect and clean it properly. Help us achieve our goals by making more restaurant owners proud of their clean kitchen and hood system. You can always check our About page to know more about our company.

The areas we provide service to are all areas of Jacksonville, Fl including all sub-cities within Jax. Don’t hesitate to call and ask if you feel you might be out of range, I’m sure we can work with you. You’re only a call away to speak with our specialist on the line about how we can best serve you. We look forward to working with you and your restaurant staff. Now hop on a call with us or fill out the contact form to book your appointment.

JAX HOOD CLEANING proudly serves all of the Jacksonville Metro area for hood filters services and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

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