Jacksonville’s Best Restaurants So Far This Year

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Jacksonville isn’t widely known for its food, unless you have lived or visited here for a while. I have lived here for around a decade, and I can say with certainty that the food is absolutely stellar. In fact, it is my favorite part of this town. Not a lot of people can decide on a restaurant to try, because they come and go. This list of reviews should hopefully help you decide on one to eat at in the next few days. Keep in mind that these are the best, so obviously I shouldn’t have many negative things to say about them.

jacksonville restaurant bellwether chicken

Bellwether is the best Jacksonville restaurant for any newcomers, so I’ll talk about it first. Even if this is the first building you have ever been inside of in Jacksonville, I guarantee that you will have a very positive experience. This restaurant is found in downtown Jacksonville, right in the heart of its best restaurants. I have never had second thoughts after ordering a meal from this Jacksonville restaurant, which is a testament to the quality of the food. First, I’m going to talk about the food. Nobody goes to a restaurant if it has bad food, because that literally defeats the purpose of going.

However, the food at Bellwether is beyond excellent. It’s hard to explain the quality of the food if you haven’t tasted it yet, but I will do my best to describe it. Imagine you’re eating at a place where the chefs look forward to their work, and they put a lot of effort into each bite just to make each customer happy. Bellwether doesn’t cater to a specific style of cuisine, and it really shows in the originality of the menu choices. Don’t be afraid to bring picky eaters here, either.

There is definitely something for everyone on the menu at this Jacksonville restaurant. Great food doesn’t have to be exclusive to the high class restaurants in cities like New York and Miami. A lot of restaurants think that there is a scale with price and quality, and it has to tip either way. Bellwether proves that Jacksonville can have restaurants of its own where the price and food quality are amazing. The service here is definitely something to write home about, as well.

Everyone loves going to a restaurant where they food is good, but if the service is terrible then how are you supposed to order it? Bellwether has the best service I have seen in Jacksonville, and probably all of Florida. Who knows. I appreciate that all of the waiters know each item on the menu, and they can all provide their own suggestions.

I’ve been to a few restaurants where the waiters all provide the exact same recommendations, and while the dish may just be that good, I would prefer that they try different items on the menu. That’s more of nitpicking than anything, but luckily Bellwether’s wait staff each have their own distinct personalities. It’s almost like you’re watching a sitcom with a bunch of unique characters. In addition, the restaurant is very clean on the inside.

I have been surprised on multiple occasions, because it’s not uncommon for restaurant to skip over things that they think people might not notice. I always notice, though. My favorite meal to order is the Korean spicy chicken, by the way. One person’s review may not mean a lot to some people, but that’s where yelp and google come in. Bellwether has a ton of amazing reviews that agree with me, so you can see that I’m not just blowing smoke out of my ears.

jacksonville restaurant town hall great food

Town Hall is another Jacksonville restaurant that serves American food, but the menu here is actually really different. Here, you’ll be eating in San Marco in Jacksonville. That’s not terribly far from some beautiful scenery near the water, and the dishes here fit well in take-out containers. It’s better than trying to eat barbecued ribs or soup on the go. Now, bear in mind that this restaurant is also a cocktail bar. Both the menus (food and drink) have excellent variety, and I have always looked forward to finding something new to order.

That’s not to say that the dishes are enjoyable, but it’s actually the opposite. The only thing to offset how much I enjoy each dish is the prospect of how good the next one will probably taste. There are some hideous cocktail bars in Miami, but this is absolutely not one of them. In fact, Town Hall is definitely the most attractive out of the three restaurants on this list. Everything about the interior is attractive, from the decor that manages to be upbeat without appearing pretentious, to the many windows that produce nice natural lighting.

Just like the last Jacksonville restaurant, Town Hall is also very clean. I know for sure that Town Hall’s kitchen is very clean, because they rely on a great Jacksonville hood cleaning business for that. The management also pays for some our additional services, which include commercial kitchen cleaning and restaurant hood kitchen filter service. If you want to learn more about us, there’s an about page that you can read. Lots of great online reviews again, don’t hesitate to read them and leave one of your own.

jax restaurant healthy food

Last but not least, you can always check out Super Food and Brew. Make sure to be in downtown Jacksonville again. You could probably eat at Super Food and Brew and Bellwether in the same day, if you were in downtown Jax all day. There isn’t a ton that I can say about this restaurant, as all three of them are at the top of my list and one isn’t any better than the other.

One thing I will point out that Super Food and Brew does well is being conscious about the food they serve. The chefs legitimately care about serving healthy food to their customers, so if you’re on a diet plan or anything like that then Super Food and Brew is likely the restaurant for you. I have seen multiple people leaving positive online reviews after leaving, and I have too.