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We Clean Entire Exhaust Systems from Cook-Top to Roof-Top

JAX HOOD CLEANING isn’t your average janitorial company, we like to differentiate ourselves from all our competition in Jacksonville by doing entire kitchen cleanings, especially around important areas like the exhaust hood system. Our cleaning programs for kitchen exhaust systems include the roof fan, and all ducts leading to it, as well as the exterior and interior of the hood and filter area.

Our cleaning crew members are highly trained and certified to do inspecting around your entire hood system and duct pathways to ensure that everything is working properly and not violating any codes. If any problems are encountered, photos are taken of the entire kitchen exhaust system all the way to the roof area and fan so we can bring them to your attention. This will help you know that your restaurant is in good hands and you don’t have to worry about the inspector finding any flaws. We want your restaurant to be cleaned to a high standard when you’re with us.

How Did We Start?

I’ll bring you back to the beginning where it started. I grew up having to visit my two parents in two different cities since they were split up. My mother was in Jacksonville, but my father was in Miami. As a teenager, I couldn’t hold a job for too long because I was bouncing between these two different areas a lot.

One time though, I had a conversation with a business owner I met and explained my situation. He gave me a shot learning his trade and I started working for him. I really enjoyed his passion for helping other businesses and I started to as well.

When I traveled to my father’s place, I had enough experience and started working for a hood cleaner down there as well. I ended up going to college down in Miami and continuing to work doing hood cleaning. When I graduated, I wanted to go the next step and decided to start my own company. I ended up doing very well with my experience from two different hood cleaning companies and things really picked up as a manager.

Finally, I ended up taking the leap and starting my own business when I moved back to Jacksonville. I always instilled in my team members that being compassionate for restaurant owners really pays off in the long run. I actually care about my clients and their business.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this story about myself and this company. I hope I can earn your business and we can work together. My goal is to be the biggest hood cleaning business in all of the state of Florida. Eventually, I plan to expand even further. It wasn’t long ago that I decided to start my own venture and now I’m taking over Jacksonville

If you want the best hood cleaning business to work with your restaurant or commercial kitchen, we’re only a call away to get you started. We’ll start with a walk-through and inspection of your restaurant to come up with the best plan for you.

Give us a call or visit our Contact page and our specialist will tell you everything you need to know to get started and get your appointment booked!

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